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Hero Cheryl

This week’s Healthcare Hero has been awarded to Cheryl Daidone of PACT 1 team!  Cheryl started with Bright Harbor Healthcare at the CREST program in June 2014.  Cheryl graduated from Capella University with her MS and is now the Clinical Specialist at PACT 1.  Programs in Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) is an evidenced-based outreach program to help people with serious mental illness integrate into the community by increasing their vocational and daily activities.  Team members of PACT work with consumers to identify goals, set priorities and define their own parameters of success in the community.  

As a team member of PACT, Cheryl displays a strong work ethic and shows compassion in all she does.  Cheryl provides a listening ear and encouragement in daily phone calls to consumers.  She works one-on-one with individuals who are experiencing significant challenges by providing therapy. Cheryl facilitates the IMR groups and uses her skills in engagement and motivation interviewing to make the even more reserved consumers feel comfortable to participate and share.  The Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) groups that Cheryl facilitates are key to the wellness and recovery culture that PACT team cultivates for their consumers.  IMR groups offer a curriculum to help consumers have an increased knowledge of their needs, develop coping skills to assist in symptom management and reaching individual goals.  IMR groups benefit consumer by helping build awareness and insight into their own personal recovery story, increasing recognition of symptoms and building tools to cope, increasing participation in communities and with loved ones, and reducing number of psychiatric hospitalizations and lengths of stay.   

Cheryl is known for going out of her way to volunteer to visit PACT consumers in the hospital to provide support, show a familiar face and help with treatment and care. Cheryl is a dedicated professional who ensures consumers are well cared for.  She has a vast knowledge of resources in the community, and helps consumers access link programs and benefits that improve their well-being.  Cheryl is very caring and brings sunshine to her teammates and to our consumers!  If the team needs help Cheryl jumps in to help without hesitation.  Cheryl is a selfless clinician and colleague.  Cheryl is an asset to the PACT team and Bright Harbor Healthcare family; her hard work is appreciated by all!