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Hero Leigh

Leigh R. is our Health Care Hero for September 17, 2021.  Leigh was nominated by her supervisor Kathy as well as colleague Anjelica (week one winner). Leigh is the program supervisor for Bright Harbor Helathcare’s Justice Services and Crisis Diversion programs. Recently, Leigh reached out to Anjelica to ask for some assistance helping a former participant in one of Leigh’s programs. The community resident had struggled a long time with health issues and managing independently living safely. The community resident had several pets they were quite attached to, however had reached the difficult and painful recognition the pets could no longer remain in her care for their own well-being. Even though no longer a participant or enrolled in Leigh’s program, the community resident reached out to Leigh asking for help with this difficult position of needing to re-home the pets. 

Leigh jumped right in, knowing this community resident needed all the support they could get during this emotional time.  Leigh arranged made arrangements for the pets to be placed in a safe environment where they will have the opportunity for rehoming. Additionally, Leigh was able to have associated fees waived for the pets to be placed, as the community resident did not have the financial resources available. Leigh took it upon herself to personally transport the pets to the temporary shelter, and even stopped on the way to the residence to pick up some needed supplies for the community resident’s medical issues. Anjelica said “ I have had the pleasure of sharing some cases with Leigh throughout the years and have always been impressed by her commitment, professionalism, and care that she puts into her work. I was honored to be able to accompany and assist Leigh with this situation and continue to be floored by her dedication and kindness.” Leigh’s director supervisor Kathy said “Leigh’s dedication in our helping profession is extraordinary and much appreciated!!”