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Increasing Focus in the Classroom with the Marvel Focus Desk

BY: Eileen Catalano, Ocean Academy TeacherIMG_1338

Ocean Academy is an APSD in Bayville, NJ that serves a varied population of classified students grades 3-12 from both Monmouth and Ocean Counties. We offer some very unique services for students and their families including counseling, psychiatric services, yoga therapy, behavior analysis with home visits, and a highly trained team of caring professionals.

The benefits of thinking outside the box and doing education differently lets us create comfort zones in the classrooms, outdoor learning areas, organic gardens, desk that adjust to the needs of students, local artists displaying artwork in our halls that inspire student creativity, raising trout that we will release into local waterway, an exercise room with a treadmill and bike for students to release energy and a yoga room for relaxation.

We have done away with the traditional idea of the desk and attached chair and have opted instead for the Marvel Group desk; a desk that rolls on wheels and whose height can be adjusted to fit the needs of the classroom and of our individual student.  When working in small or large groups the desks move with ease.  When making presentations the desk acts as a podium.   When our 6’5 student would like to work comfortably seated at his desk, the desk affords him that ability.  And when our students prefer to stand rather than sit, the desk provide for that as well!

We strive to “Be the Best” and to do that we think outside the box to transform traditional ideas of education where students develop active and creative minds in a collaborative environment that is safe, calming and nurturing.

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