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Investigating NJCounts: How PATH Can Help With Homelessness in NJ

Investigating NJCounts: How PATH Can Help With Homelessness in NJ

Homelessness is a serious problem in New Jersey, and the annual NJCounts report provides valuable data on the scope of the issue. This year’s report shows that there has been a slight increase in the number of people experiencing homelessness in our state. While this is not good news, it is important to remember that there are programs like PATH that provide vital services to help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Let’s learn more about NJCounts and how PATH can help.

What is NJCounts?

NJCounts is an imperative Point-in-Time (PIT) survey conducted in New Jersey to identify and count people who are homeless during the last 10 days of January. This annual assessment, mandated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, helps highlight those living on streets or other unsuitable locations plus those housed in emergency shelters or transitional housing programs. NJCounts performs this tally on a single day across all communities for accurate data comparison from year to year.

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How Does NJCounts Help?

NJCounts is a critical tool for understanding the scope, impact, and needs of homeless individuals in New Jersey. The results from this count are used to plan, allocate resources, and advocate for policies and programs that create lasting solutions to end homelessness. NJCounts not only helps identify those currently experiencing homelessness, but also shines a spotlight on this issue so that communities can come together and take action to combat it. By using the information discovered in conjunction with programs like PATH, we can make a difference in the lives of individuals and families by providing them with the housing they need to rebuild their lives. With support from businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, volunteers, and advocates, we can help bring an end to homelessness in our state. 

What is PATH?

The Projects for Assistance in Transitioning from Homelessness (PATH is funded by the NJ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services. It is a powerful outreach program that reaches out to those with mental illness living without adequate shelter or inhabiting unsuitable places within NJ. Committed to reaching out with evidence-based, culturally appropriate, and strength-focused approaches, PATH works hard toward reintegrating individuals suffering from homelessness and mental illness into the community by providing financial, medical, psychiatric, and housing support. PATH services will provide homeless individuals and families with the following:

  • Linkage to community mental health and housing services
  • Education and skill development on accessing services and benefits
  • Support and case management services

Where Is PATH Located?

If you are homeless and diagnosed with a serious mental illness, there are many PATH access centers scattered across the state. However, if you live in Ocean or Monmouth County NJ, Bright Harbor Healthcare is here to help. Our compassionate staff is eager to assist you in order to get you back on your feet. We are proud to participate in the annual Point in Time count to locate homeless individuals throughout Ocean County. By participating in NJCounts, we can adequately assess the number of homeless individuals in order to determine which mental health services our agency can support them with. 

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Bright Harbor Healthcare is Here For You

At Bright Harbor Healthcare, our mission is to use Point in Time data to advocate for an increase in funding for housing and services that would benefit this vulnerable population at the local, state, and federal level. If you are homeless and in need of crisis services, our Access Center can be reached at 732-575-1111 in order to make an appointment or referral. We also offer Crisis Diversion and Stabilization Services in addition to Community and Justice Support Services. To get started, reach out to Bright Harbor Healthcare today.