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Las Cafeteras at OCC

By: Teresa Salisbury/ Instructional Paraprofessional

Today the students and staff were entertained by “ Las Cafeteras” at Ocean County College. The atmosphere was electric with music, song, and dance.  The group’s members were excited to share their combined passion- introducing the world to the music of their roots.  The performers shared family histories from Mexico and Panama, explaining music’s impact on culture and tradition. Songs were sung in both Spanish and English; the message transcending any language barrier.  The group used traditional “Son Jarocho instruments like the jarana (guitar-shaped, fretted stringed instrument), requinto (a small guitar, typically tuned a fifth higher than a standard guitar), quijada (idiophone percussion instrument made the jawbone of a donkey), and tarima (a wooden platform)” (Grunin to bring life to the stories being told through song.  The students were enthralled watching the performers dance on the tarima.  Later in the show the students were given the opportunity to attempt these dance moves using the tarima; what an impressive job by all.  We clapped, danced in the aisles, and laughed as the songs were played and the students let themselves enjoy the moment.  The message was clear- we are all important, our ideas, cultures and traditions should be shared and embraced!  This land was made for you and me. If given the chance “Las Cafeteras” is a show you should not miss.