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Messy Bun and Getting Things Done! Happy Bosses Day!!!

By: Eileen Catalano/English & History &Teacher

Bosses come in all different sizes, shapes and attitudes. Some are happy, grumpy, bashful, sleepy, sneezy and dopey; our boss is definitely not dopey, just want to make that point painfully clear, but very few come with a man bun.  As luck would have it, our boss comes with all of the above; again, our boss is definitely not dopey, definitely not at all dopey. (I hope I still have my job.)  So we thought, and thought, and thought some more about a way to express our devotion, gratitude and yes, our love for our wonderful boss.  (That ought to keep me my job.) Are you familiar with the phrase, imitation is the best form of flattery? Well, we thought the best way to express our gratitude to our brilliant, magnificent, remarkable boss, (laying it on a bit thick but I really need my job) was to intimate his uniqueness.  With that in mind, we salute our boss, Mr. Corbett with the MAN Bun….. and getting things done!!! From all of us to you……. happy bosses day Mr. Corbett!!!!!!