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My Story by Virginia Tavis

What would I do without the PACT Team I of Ocean Mental Health?! Each of the members is just so supportive. They come to visit with me every week and make me feel that they are just friends who are coming to check up on me.

Oh, it wasn’t always so pleasant! I am a paranoid schizophrenic and three years ago, I was convinced that the Mafia was out to ruin my life. I truly believed it, and went to seek help from the police, the FBI and the District Attorney. Since I believed that I was living a normal life, I refused to take my medication. When I was hospitalized, it was the most frightful experience.

The last time I was at Ancora Psychiatric Hospital, the psychiatrist on duty adjusted my medication. She suggested I get an injection every other week of 75mg of Prolixin. This way, I would always be getting my medication, and I would be on the road to recovery. After I was released from the hospital, in June of 2008, the nurse on the Pact team came to my house to give me my injection every other week. It has been working out so well, that I haven’t been in a mental hospital for three years now. Now I am in the “maintenance” phase and I owe it all to the Pact team. It is just so convenient. They actually come to my house to give me my injection, and talk to me about any concerns I may have. And that is that.

Each member of the Pact Team has his, and her, own set of credentials. Every one of them is highly qualified to work with the mentally ill and they care about us. That is why they went into this line of work. They always remember what is going on in my life and never fail to bring up a concern I may have had the previous week. They help me with my goals and assist me in any way they can. What would I do without the PACT Team?! They’ve changed the way I live.