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By: Krystina Monetti/Intern (Widener University)



Find out what it means to us


Take care of Ocean Academy

Lock in Kindness

Block out Rudeness

Rock in Manners

Come Back with Higher Standards

What you want, OA we got it

And what you need, OA,  we got it.

All we’re showing you

Is how we practice respect,

when we come to school

We have moments of growth,

But we always come back

With a little respect, when we come to school

We practiced a week of respect here at Ocean Academy. It served as a reminder for what we already practice daily at school (but who couldn’t use a reminder?). We had different days with different themes that reinforced ideas that we use to define respect. The students offered ways for where they see respect here at school. Respecting peers, staff, and school property were mentioned in an assembly. One strong example of how respect is shown and felt at Ocean Academy is the kindness, understanding, and support that the students offer one another.  Comments of support and encouragement are often heard through the hallway from one student to another. Students offer help with school assignments, reminders on the importance of good behavior, and positive redirection. Of course we all are working on bettering ourselves daily, but there is a common feeling of companionship that is felt throughout the school. Ocean Academy Family is a term that is thrown around often at Ocean Academy; it is a theme of cohesiveness that defines the respect that is shared. Words and actions of comfort, compassion, and non judgment help the students and staff through the days at Ocean Academy. Join us in practicing ideas of respect. How can you show more respect today?