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Spotlight on Bayside

Our Bayside Children’s Partial Care Program has utilized a generous United Way grant to develop and implement a homework drop-in center for clients to utilize before program hours. The grant has afforded the Bayside Program with the opportunity to provide clients with educational resources which may otherwise be unavailable to them. Clients are able to complete online research, have access to supplies and educational tools, receive homework assistance from staff and peers and can proudly display their grades in the Bayside Program’s “Education Station.” The hope is that with the assistance provided by the drop-in center, clients will become more confident in their scholastic abilities and overall self-esteem will improve. The program has been widely embraced by youth who are excited about and appreciative of the additional services provided by the grant.

The success of this program is directly due to Devon Wohltman, Mental Health Counselor.  Devon is someone who is very innovative and used her creativity to develop this unique new program for the Bayside youth.  Devon was able to implement this program and, although in the beginning stages, has already resulted in much enthusiasm.  We look forward to continuing to watch this new program grow and develop.

Bayside is a partial day program that helps youth between the ages of 12 and 17 years old work on emotional and behavioral needs with education, counseling and support.  This program prevents unnecessary hospitalizations, or helps effectively transition  youth from hospitalization to successful home living.  The youth at Bayside are actively involved in education and emotional support groups, individual and family counseling and social and recreational activities.  The clients gain insights and learn new skills that help them to achieve long lasting success.  Our staff psychiatrist meets with the youth and families, performing evaluations and assessments and prescribing and adjusting medications, as needed.