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Student’s Thanksgiving Reflections

collage-thanksgiving-elemDesmond, Ocean Academy Student

It was directly after my sister Justine’s cheer competition we were on our way back from Florida. We had seen  the coast so we decided to go through Philadelphia. It was the middle of the night, I had woken up and heard the car go off.  My mom’s girlfriend made a quick stop at Top Tomato. She got back in the car and attempted to start it but it didn’t start, we were stuck.  We woke the next morning, the day before Thanksgiving, AAA wouldn’t help us and all my mom’s friends were busy with Thanksgiving preparations. Everyone in the car was crying, except for me. I was trying to stay strong but when night fell again, I broke. Thanksgiving was here and Top Tomato was getting ready to close.  A man, who I assumed was a manager approached the car and asked us why we had been here so long. We explained our situation to him and he led us into the closed store and told us to pick anything we wanted. Hours later we said grace with some employees and had Doritos,Twinkies,Sprite,Takis and Twix. They surprised us and fixed our car, it was the best Thanksgiving ever!


Jeremy, Ocean Academy Student 

Thanksgiving with the Fam is a wonderful time. We have so many goodies and so much food! We have turkey…and of course I get one of the drumsticks, also my mom makes her famous homemade stuffing and I always love to help the night before pulling apart the bread ! A lot of people always have relatives over but my family, it’s just the four of us and we like it that way! The day usually starts off with me and my friends having a big game of football outside and waiting for that text from my mom saying that dinner is ready. After we all have dinner the four of us always sit down and watch, “ The March Of The Wooden Soldiers.”