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Urner Barry; Modern Day Printers and More

By: Jay Baily/ Account Manager Urner Barry

Recently I had the privilege of providing the students and staff at Ocean Academy with a tour of Urner Barry. It was not only beneficial to the students as they were studying printing but very rewarding for myself as well. The students expressed interest, asked great questions, and seemed to enjoy the time. After the tour I was genuinely happy to have had the opportunity to meet the students. On their way out the students shook my hand and thanked me for the tour and time. That was a real nice gesture on their part and a compliment to the staff as well for having such an appreciative group of kids. On behalf of Urner Barry and myself I thank you for stopping by !

By: Kathleen Malley/Instructional Paraprofessional 

Ms. Catalano’s 9th grade World History class has been studying the invention of the printing press.  The class had the opportunity to visit Urner Barry, a local printing business in Toms River.  Students had the chance to tour the business and observe the different printing technologies.  Also, they were able to see how the printing machines operated as an efficient system.  This trip was fun, informative, and a great way to complete the unit on the printing press.  We would like to thank Jay, for taking us an our tour and the entire Urner Barry staff for being so kind and welcoming!

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