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Volunteering at the Visitation Relief Center

By: Cynthia/Student         

I have been volunteering at the Visitation Relief Center also known as Seeds Of Services, which is located in Brick New Jersey. The visitation relief Center is a non profit organization that helps families in need. They accept donations such as clothing, furniture, household items, electronics, toys and food. Certain items are listed on ebay and once sold the money earned from the sale is used to help families. A good example would be helping pay rent, and other various expenses the families may have incurred.

The center helps students such as myself gain work experience and help improve social skills. My duties have included writing the listings and providing the photos on to ebay. I have handed out flyers at local stores which encourage people to donate to our food pantry.  

If you would like more information on either donating or their services the organization is on Facebook or can be reached at (732)202-6888.