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Wanderings with Willow: Spring Health Check Up!

It’s spring time here at OceanMHS!  Spring can be great time to think about your health.  How’s your diet?  Exercise? Sleep routine?  I decided to check in with OceanMHS’ Primary Care APN Nicole Bartucci to have a little chat about spring time health!

Nicole says that spring is great time to reevaluate you health, including giving your health and wellness routine a once over. With warmer weather in the spring, it might be easier to stick with new health routines rather than in the cold winter.  Nicole suggests 9 tips to get started with this spring:


  • Eat lots of fresh, in-season fruits and veggies! Check out many of the Farmer’s Markets to stock up!


  • Be mindful of chances to overindulge at picnics at BBQ’s! Processed and fatty meat and snacks are often found at these events.


  • Hydrate! Warmer weather can cause your body to lose more moisture through sweating, even if you don’t feel yourself getting sweaty. Drink lots of water throughout the day!
  • Get outside and Move! Gardening, walking around the neighborhood or park, just move!  If you have a four-legged friend like me, take us along!
  • Get You some Sun-Shine! Bright light exposure releases serotonin in the body, which can boost your mood.   Exposure to the sun also helps our skin produce Vitamin D which is great for bone health and other body functions.
  • Protect your Skin and Eye from damaging UV rays! While you are outside soaking up the sun, use sunglasses and sunscreen to keep yourself protected.  Sunscreen should block both UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of 30 to 50.
  • Reset your sleep schedule. Reduce your time in front of computer or TV just before bed.  The light from the screen makes your body think it’s time to wake up.   Avoid large meals and exercise within two hours of bedtime and avoid alcohol for at least four hours before bedtime.  Try to avoid caffeine in the afternoon.


  • Watch out for indoor and outdoor allergens! A good indoor spring cleaning will help minimize indoor allergens.  Pay attention to air quality alerts from the National Weather service, and try to stay indoors if the air quality is really bad.
  • Last, but NOT LEAST, check in with your doctor. Spring is a great time to make sure you are up to date with recommended health screenings and immunizations. And you can discuss any health concerns you might have with your doctor.

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