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“What Lifts Me”

By: Kara Armellino/Paraprofessional

Kelsey Montague is a world-renowned street artist known for her inspirational murals depicting intricate wings.   She became increasingly popular after musician Taylor Swift posted a photo of herself on social media in front of one of Montague’s murals.   Since then, social media has played a major role in her career, signing each piece with her signature hashtag: #WhatLiftsYou.  This small addition to her murals has prompted a huge movement.  Each day people playfully pose in front her work and post it on their social media pages, often sharing stories about what inspires them in their own lives.

Ocean Academy students and staff took this concept of interactive art and created a collaborative mural based on Montague’s aesthetic.  They were taught about how using social media as a tool to share inspiration can create a sense of community.  Students were also taught about design principals and were asked to use line and pattern to establish rhythm within their work.   They also added words of positivity and things that inspire them.  Once students and staff created their original feathers, they added color to their pieces using a watercolor method using magic markers, plastic baggies, and a spray bottle.  By using this quick and easy sensory technique, the end result was colorful and cohesive yet each one was completely unique.   Once assembled, students knew exactly what to do and immediately began interacting with the vibrant wings.  When photos were posted on OA’s social media, even Kelsey Montague agreed; the artist herself liked our photos.

Kelsey Montague’s uplifting message and positivity served as a great inspiration for students and staff.  The entire school pulled together and created something beautiful.   Our hallways are a little bit brighter because of our ability to collaborate and share with one another.  So, what lifts OA?  It’s our sense of community, acceptance, and family.