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World War II

By: Robert Scheiderman/ Instructional Paraprofessional 

As the 2017 school year continues to dwindle down, Ocean Academy’s 11th grade finds themselves deeply enmeshed in studying World War II.  As part of Ocean Academy’s continuing effort to infuse the creative Arts into our curriculum, the 11th grade recently incorporated a collage project into their studies of World War II. Students were asked to choose an aspect of WWII  that most interested them and research images and poetry that affected them the most; then create a collage of material on a canvas and bring all of those disparate elements together into a clear coherent message that represented their own feelings of what they had learn of that tragic era.

Each student selected an event from various aspects of the war. Savon selected D-Day, Allied Invasion of Europe that began the downfall of the Nazi regime. Sarah selected the soldiers of WW II  and brought images of her Grandfather, who had been a US Army Sharp shooter. Sarah also brought in a copy of the battle ribbons he had won from his service in the war. Kyra chose the Holocaust and created a canvas with a 3-dimensional representation of a concentration camp. Other students created many creative canvases.   Each student was then asked to present their project to the class and explain its meaning, as they intended it, through their creative efforts. Much was learned from each students particular take on different aspects of WW II.