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Jim Cooney of Bright Harbor Healthcare Announces Retirement

Bright Harbor Health has recently announced the retirement of James M. Cooney, LCSW. For nearly thirteen years, he has served as the Chief Executive Officer …

Bright Harbor Healthcare
TMS Therapy in NJ: How and Where to Get Started

Have you been considering TMS therapy in NJ but aren’t sure who to turn to?  Bright Harbor Healthcare is here for you. Let’s start with …

Bright Harbor Healthcare
TMS Depression Treatment in NJ: Step by Step What to Expect

Depression is significantly on the rise.  New Jersey is home to more than 6 million adults.  The national prevalence rate for Adults with depression is …

Bright Harbor Healthcare
How Crisis Stabilization Services in NJ Can Help Struggling Adults

“I’m not experiencing a mental health crisis, I just need my meds.” As counselors who work in a mental health crisis program, this is something …