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Searching for “Outpatient Detox Near Me?” We’re Here to Help!

Hey, Google, find “Outpatient Detox Near Me?”   If this is you, Bright Harbor Healthcare may be exactly what you are looking for! What is Outpatient …

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How to Deal With Relationship Stress This Valentine’s Day

Here it comes again! The annual day of celebrating relationships and love with cards, candy, and flowers. We’re talking about Valentine’s Day. It may be …

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Upside-Down Energy: Exploring The Nurtured Heart Approach

Created by Howard Glasser in the early 1990s, the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) is a widely-applied method that has changed the lives of caregivers, teachers, …

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New Year Mental Health Tips: Starting the Year With a New Mindset

“Well, it’s groundhog day, again.”   Bill Murray famously said these words while playing Phil Conners in the classic film Groundhog Day. In a similar fashion, …